25 Inspirational Happy Thanksgiving Sayings

Inspirational Thanksgiving wallpaper

Compiled here are over 25 really inspirational happy Thanksgiving sayings. Yeah, saying thanks can also be inspiring and encouraging. So why not wish a happy Thanksgiving this year while at ...

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Cute Thanksgiving Sayings and Phrases

cute thanksgiving

A collection of the cutest Thanksgiving sayings compiled for kids, lovers and anyone looking to have that innocent and angelic face while wishing for Thanksgiving this year. Have your pick.

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Sarcastic and Witty Thanksgiving Sayings

Here are some sarcastic and witty Thanksgiving sayings for those with an anti-Thanksgiving or sarcastic mood. While Thanksgiving is a day for us to be thankful, there are also some ...

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30 Funny and Hilarious Thanksgiving Sayings and Phrases

funny thanksgiving turkey

Thinking of being thankful while still keeping a funny tone? You can do so and still wish a happy Thanksgiving to your close ones using these famous but yet funny ...

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20 Christian and Religious Thanksgiving Sayings

Wishing for Thanksgiving can also have a religious tone and meaning. Here are 20 handpicked Christians and religious sayings for Thanksgiving. 

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American Thanksgiving vs Canadian Thanksgiving

Wondering what is the difference between Thanksgiving in the USA and Canada? Here is the full explanation and also why Thanksgiving is celebrated. American Thanksgiving Thanksgiving in the United States ...

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30 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes For A Good Laugh

turkey thanksgiving jokes

A funny collection of the best Thanksgiving jokes to burst on Thanksgiving day among family and friends. Let’s say thanks while making everyone smile. It costs nothing.

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